A memoir of a life I want to relive

My Kahaani

    My Kahaani is a story about a girl and her happy childhood. Unlike most memoirs, there is no tragedy here. Bati (née Bharti) was not a "slum dog" child (millionaire or otherwise), nor was she "born into a brothel". She was not a recovering drug addict, nor a double-amputee who wrote the story with a pen between her teeth. 

      Born in Bombay, she grew up in a parallel universe. She spoke English at home, learned French at school, sang along with the Beatles and twisted to Chubby Checker. Her father taught her how to eat fondue and play roulette. 

      Connections with the film industry had her uncle and father hobnobbing with the likes of Raj Kapoor and Rajendra Kumar, directors and producers.

    Written with great humor, Bati describes a life lived with an extended family, ayahs, cooks and drivers.