A memoir of a life I want to relive

My Kahaani

​Would you pay 28 cents a day to prevent girls like this from getting married?

The girl pictured above is 13 years old. We met her on our Service Trip to India in February. Her parents were marrying her off because they could not afford to feed another girl child. Were she to have an education and a job, she would bring money into the family and the parents would not be inclined towards child marriage. 

FACT!!! One in every third child bride lives in India.

Help us stop it in our own little way.

Be Part of the Good! 

The book My Kahaani is not for sale. A copy is available for a generous donation of $100, all of which will go towards the Scholarship Fund established through a non-profit at a school in Ahmedabad, India.

The organization Samaj Sangh (www.ajsks.org) gives impoverished schoolgirls the opportunity to go to college or enroll in vocational classes to learn a trade. Failing funds for further education, the girls are often married off in their early teens as the parents are unable to support them. 

To request a copy

US Residents: 

1. donate $ 100 via paypal or credit card by pressing the button below.

2. please email me at bati@mykahaani.org and write "My Kahaani Order" on the subject line. Send me your address and I will mail you a copy of the book.

Indian and International Orders:

1.  The price for indian residents is rs 10,000. 

2. Please email me at batipatel@gmail.com for Bank details. Payment should be made directly to Samaj Sangh and books will be mailed from bombay. delivery will be in january.